Oh boy!

The middle boy’s different take on life never ceases to surprise/amuse/scare me.

This is the boy that once made orange juice by using a meat mallet to smash the juice out of the fruit into a big mixing bowl. (Clean-up was…um…fun) Or who tested to see what would happen to M&M’s strategically placed underneath the legs of a dining room chair.  He decided once to arrange some of my tupperware in the oven, and I, totally unaware of this fact, switched on the oven and had roast tupperware. (Granted, he was only 4 when he did the latter). The stories go on and on…

This is the latest, y’all. Straight from my house to yours. Hubby and I left Jenna at home with her oldest brother this morning. She has been fighting a cold and we thought best not to take her to church. The middle boy opted to stay home with his brother and since we were running late we agreed.

We went out for dinner after church and hubby got a panicked call from the middle boy saying he thought his mice were dying because they got too cold. He had wanted to cuddle them, but when he went to get them they were cold and very lethargic. By the time hubby told me about this and I called the boy back his mice were fine and back to normal.

Upon returning home we found evidence of a cardinal rule having been broken while we were away. A few burnt-out matches littered the kitchen floor. Now, our oldest sometimes plays with fireworks, but he is not allowed to do so when we are gone. The oldest denied using the matches, which left only one other person…my middle son. As hubby started taking off his belt to ‘minister’ some wisdom to the culprit, he scrambled to explain.

We were honestly not prepared for the explanation.  The boy whipped out a candle that was hidden behind the grocery bags I had just deposited on the kitchen counter. “Well…um…this might sound silly…” said the boy, “but the mice were so cold I thought I might hold them over the candle (he demonstrated how he’d dangle them by their tails, thankfully quite high above the flame but still…) to warm them up.”

It was hysterical watching the hubby trying to keep a straight face. I had to leave the room, y’all. The mental picture is just too funny. I’m still laughing whilst typing this. What was the boy thinking??!!


4 responses to “Oh boy!

  1. That is SO funny! Those poor mice!!! I’m sure they were scared for their lives. I think I’d rather freeze to death – I’m not sure which would be more painful, the freezing or the burning! hehehe

  2. God sure knew what He was doing when putting that child in your care. 😆

  3. tessofthebellgrades

    Oh that is surprising, funny and scarey. You could have come home to cooked mice.

    That boy sure has a unique way of problem solving. Elaine is right, God knew what he was doing when he chose you as his mother. Another mother might try to change the way he thinks, but you allow him the room to explore (within reason). That child is destined for something. I don’t know what, but every story I hear, I just know that kid is special. He is going to DO something great one day.

  4. Oh… that is too funny… and the sad thing is… totally could have happened at my house too…

    There are days… and then there are days!

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