December 12 2007

It’s about time I post something, even if it is just to bump that cheezy quiz  post out of its lofty position at the top of my entry list. Problem is, each evening as I sit here racking my brain for things to write about, I draw a blank. It is not that I do not have things to write about – it probably has more to do with the time of day. It is really unrealistic to sit here around midnight and expect my mind to function.

So it is probably crazy of me to want to write anything right now. I don’t think I will. 😀 I will just bump that quiz post down a bit. There. That looks better.

Oh…this shouldn’t take too long to share and hopefully won’t need too many brain cells:

Conversation in the car this afternoon:

Middle son: Jack said I should go over to his house sometime.

Me: (caught off guard and not quite able to put the name in context) Jack?

Middle son: You know…the boy in 4H who is highly allergic to nuts.

Oldest son: Well, you can’t go over to his house then.

2 responses to “December 12 2007

  1. LOL! Love it when they throw in those quick witted comments!

  2. ROFLOL…..that is too funny….:-)

    Great comeback!!!

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