Logan’s phone call

Bobbie (siscaboo) sent me this via email and it was such a blessing, I wanted to link to it on my blog. My middle son teared up listening to this. Many people who commented on this really focussed on Logan’s sweet and tender heart, and I don’t blame them in the least. This boy has a rare gift. But for me this story goes much further. It points out just how infinitely great and merciful and kind our God is that he would meet a little boy in such a tender way. He is such a precious friend.



3 responses to “Logan’s phone call

  1. Thank you Sumi and Bobbie.
    That was just precious and so very true.

    Isn’t it wonderful how God uses young children to show us the simplest truths 😀

    I passed the link on to my pastor.

  2. okay – so you can tell the middle boy I have him beat. I not only teared up, but then the tears decided to fall down my face, then the snotty nose came. It was good times.

    I sent the link to Dan’l’s mom.

  3. Thank you Sumi…..I was a blubbering idiot before he even made it to the story. I posted it again in my blog….just want to keep passing that one around…..Bobbie…((())).

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