Great is thy faithfulness

Tonight was one of our evenings when the bible school students get to share something that they learned at school the past month. I almost pulled out and didn’t go…I have had one of those weeks, being totally overwhelmed with the demands on time and resources that come along every year around this time.

Today whilst running around I thought of this song in my car: Christmas time is here…happiness and cheer…

Only, I changed the words to reflect my mood at the time: Christmas time is here…please don’t shed a tear…I will make it through this time…It happens every year.

Silly, huh? ūüėÄ

I had a phone conversation with a friend today and when she asked me how I was doing, I shared my little song with her, half in an attempt to be funny, but also half serious. She rapped me over the knuckles afterwards. She said I was focusing on the wrong things and needed to put my eyes on Jesus again. Boy, did her words pull me up short.

So I changed the words again: Jesus is my hope…with his help I’ll cope…there is nothing more to do…My God will bring me through. ūüôā

Back to bible school. Guess what we had been looking at this week. Our God of abundance. We have learned in bible school that the word of God will always be tested. God will speak to our hearts, and then give us an opportunity to walk that thing out in real life. It is when our revelation gets married to our situation that we really see God at work, and his fruit forming in our lives.

Yep, I had goofed in this regard. I had heard the word but let it slip and allowed the cares of the world to choke it any ways.

So what did I share at bible school this evening? Just that. I think the teaching on God’s abundance was a very timely one, and it was one that tested me. Do I really trust in His provision? Our God is full of the abundance of all things and the creator of all things, and the awesome thing is that he, with a true Father’s heart, greatly desires to share that abundance with us.¬†He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. (11 Pet 1:3)¬†They that seek the Lord shall no want any good thing. (Ps 34) He is come that we might have life, and have it more abundantly (Jn 10) Our cups runneth over. (Ps 23)¬†

Whatever we learn in the kingdom is not for us alone. When we get a revelation of who God is, and walk in that thing, the rest of the world will see  and know who God is. We need to rise up and possess what Jesus has for us so that others will know that it is theirs for the asking too. And I am not talking financially, folks. I am talking about taking everything that God has for us and becoming who he has called us to be.

Something cool happened today. I ran into a friend in the store this afternoon. She had had an exhausting day carting her kids to the doctors. They were all sick  and her son had a possible broken arm that had to be seen to.  The arm was not broken, thank God, but this was only ascertained $300+ and 7 hours later.  She was exhausted and frustrated from running around all day and spending all that money for nothing. She placed her prescription and while she left to run some other errands, the Lord put it on my heart to pay for her prescription without her knowledge.

I don’t have the money, y’all. I had to empty my cart and leave the store with half the stuff I came for but in my heart I knew that I had been obedient and that it had pleased God.

Tonight at church a friend came and stuffed a bill in my pocket.¬† Then someone else did the same. I ended up¬†being given¬†three times more than I had spent on my friends’ prescription.

I have this tiny niggling thought: Did I create the impression that¬†I was¬†desperate when I shared? Did I somehow tug at everyone’s heart strings and make them want to bless me? It wasn’t my intention!

I do prefer to think that my faithful God had seen my heart and my efforts to trust his provision and in his great mercy and goodness, stepped in and showered me with his blessing.


2 responses to “Great is thy faithfulness

  1. I would go with your last assessment. While the people may have been moved by what you shared it was God who opened their hearts so that you could be blessed and they could also.

    He has a way of teaching us lessons and when we learn from them He will turn and bless us to show us just how much He does care about His children.

  2. I really enjoyed your blogging, I’ve been reading several of them. It amazes me how we are like sheep and Jesus, our Shephard, never tires of us. When we fall, we are not cast down, as He lifts us up.

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