Monthly Archives: January 2008

An old picture

Tanya is enjoying her new camera wayyyyyy too much. 🙂 She makes me want to go out and take lots of pictures.

She took a black and white picture of her young chocolate-chip, which made me think about a B&W picture of myself that got pulled out of storage a few days ago when I needed some pictures of the youngest boy in a hurry.

My middle son made a really sweet comment about the picture that I can’t remember anymore. Drat!  😀  (When you get to be my age you need all the sweet comments you can get.) 


I was about 18 in this picture. An aspiring photographer friend of mine took this for her portfolio. She also took our wedding pictures, around 6 years later.

The picture scanned in a bit wonky. It is a little yellowed on the one side, which is entirely my scanner’s fault.


Jenna’s Christmas-gift-ballet-outfit

OK so I am supposed to be on a bloggy break but I couldn’t resist posting these.

Jenna had just put on her ballet outfit and I asked her for a pose:


Downstairs, getting distracted by the tv (I wish I had combed that hair before taking the pictures:-) ):


Jenna and Kiki:


Fixing her shoes:


Hey mom, can you fix this?


I loved the lighting on this one:


CC, (and Donna and Applie and Elaine and…and… ) I’m sure you could have done a better job with touching these up!

I wish I knew what some of you all know about photography. When I have the time, I’d really like to learn more about playing around with pictures on photoshop.