Daily Archives: May 6, 2008


I felt like posting some pictures. I did some editing this afternoon to split this topic into two. I decided to make this a flower topic and the previous post an Africa post.

The first ones were taken exactly a year ago. Every time I drive past these flowers in my neigbor’s yard I think about Jenna. She would take a deep sniff of the flowers and then say: “Ahhhh”, so half the pictures I took that day caught her with her mouth open. 🙂

This was taken last spring too:

At the zoo, last spring. Don’t you just love the colors of these flowers? I wanted a picture of Jenna with those flowers in the background so badly. I told her there were bees among the flowers, and snapped the picture while she was looking for them. I tried to get a better pose out of her but alas! It was the end of a long day at the zoo and she was not impressed with my trickery. 🙂

The purple flower bush in my mom’s garden was Jenna’s favorite. We had fun with the flowers in her yard. We popped the seed pods of the impatients, and blew the dandelion like seeds of the felicias into the wind. We marvelled at how the fuchias look just like ballerinas. Jenna loved finding snails and watching them play peek-a-boo from inside their shells. My mom kept it a secret that the snails were met with a sad demise when Jenna wasn’t around!

This is the last picture I took of Jenna in a flower garden. It was taken in my aunt’s garden in Pretoria, South Africa, two days before Jenna left us. I showed her how to pull out the seeds of the dead marigolds and scatter them around, and this is what she is doing in this picture.


Out of Africa

These pictures were taken in a game reserve in South Africa. The first one was taken on the first Tuesday in February, exactly 3 months ago today. Our car had gotten stuck in the mud and if I remember correctly, my mom took this picture while we were trying to get it out. 🙂

This one was taken the day before. Jenna sat on my lap and bottle fed the 2 month old tigers. This is Eva. Her brother, Juno, was fed by my son.

Jenna was not allowed into the 4 month old lion cubs’ enclosure. They were too rough. They were fascinated with her and followed her intently as she skipped along the outside of the fence. My son went inside and promptly got ‘almost-scalped’. The lion cub thought his hair tasted delicious! The ranger realised the cubs needed a distraction so that they wouldn’t playfully attack the boy all the time, so she gave him a pull toy to have a tug-of-war with the cubs.

I just love the following picture. The kids are heaping sand on some ant nests. 🙂

My sister, the boy, and I went on a horse-riding safari, and the little miss muffin stayed behind with her grandparents and had her own pony ride. She was not too impressed – she wanted to go with us. Here is Jenna on Cappuchino: