Things I am learning

Walking through a deep and dark valley can be a learning curve. So many of us are going through many ‘valleys’, of many different kinds. Take your pick.  Mine is really no different from yours. A trial is a trial is a trial, and each of us are given the measure of grace to deal with what faces us at every moment.

 I think that there are treasures to be gleaned in our darkness, if we will look for them. Hosea says that God will give the valley of Achor (which means ‘trouble’) as a door of hope to his people. The very lion that sought to kill Samson provided the framework for the sweet honey that sustained him later on. It can be the same for us as we fight the lions in our paths and overcome them. We can learn to squeeze honey out of the rocky, confined, troubled places in our lives.  (Deut 32:13, Psalm 81:16)

So, I am learning things I didn’t know. Treasures, nuggets, wonderful truths. Many of these are just at the beginning stages and I would not even know to articulate them.

But here are some:

  • Prayer isn’t just pie-in-the-sky. I used to be a little sceptical when people said they could feel the prayers of others carrying them. Now I know it to be an absolute truth in my life. I have felt it for myself.
  • I have said it already. There are so many different kinds of troubles that people face, and mine is only one of them. Your troubles really are no less to you than mine is to me. For you, it might be unthinkable to be where I am now. But because this is where I am, this is where my provision of grace is. God is faithful that way. He meets us where we are at and is precious enough to give us what we need to face the next minute, hour, day. We can make it through anything, if God is with us…and he is.
  • I couldn’t say this with absolute certainty in the first shell-shocked weeks following Jenna’s passing, but I think I can say it now…there is a fellowship with Jesus in our suffering that goes deeper than what we would have experienced had life remained peaceful and simple and calm. 
  • Walking a hard and painful road opens you up and gives you a heart for others that are hurting. I am grateful for that, because I can always do with a little bit less self-centeredness in my life.
  • As a body of believers, we need each other. I would not have made it thus far without people ministering to me, praying for me, or giving hugs and listening ears. And as I am being comforted by the Lord through his people, I am learning in turn how to be a comforter and how to pour out that same comfort on others.
  • My life-changing event has made me re-evaluate who I am, where I am going, what life is about. I have had a change of focus from the here-and-now to the eternal.  I am hoping that it will teach me to live my life on purpose, to choose well, to make Jesus and Jenna proud. I don’t want to take anything or anyone for granted. I really want to step into everything Jesus has for me. All. of. it. I have nothing to lose…

7 responses to “Things I am learning

  1. And everything to gain. I have often told mom’s that our trails are no more or less than other’s. It is just what we go through. My friend Wendy who lost a baby while I was pregnant with Caedmon, once told me she thought it was so much harder to miscarry a baby than to lose one a few short weeks after birth. Her reason: at least she got to hold and love her baby while I never did with all of those miscarriages. Perhaps that is why it hurts me still to this day. Take care, you are doing a great job.

  2. I started a blog…actually started writing on it in Jan. of this year. I have “met” the most amazing women on here.
    There are several, like you, who have children in heaven, and sometimes reading the posts are almost more than I can bear. It truly breaks my heart. I can’t imagine losing a child. I have learned that as strange as it is, I cry and hurt for people I don’t know, and feel their pain so deeply, knowing I’ll probably never even meet them this side of heaven.
    You are right. God places the most wonderful people in our lives when we hurt and when we just want to share what’s going on in our day-to-day lives.
    I’m thankful that you too have found encouragement on the blog. The Bible teaches us to be encouragers.
    I’m thankful for you and I’m thankful for all of my blogging friends. You’re right…we all have hurts and various things going on in our lives. When it’s a hurt, it’s a hurt. Hurting comes in many different forms & I feel so privileged to have others praying for me. I love to read about all of the different lives out there. I’ve “met” women from Canada, Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas. Georgia, Nebraska. North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky. Florida, Kansas, Tennessee, Maryland, Oklahoma and more.
    God is good and He sends us sweet encouragers and people to intercede for us in our time of need.
    I love you & can’t wait ’till the day we meet.
    Know that I lift you up often.
    God is good!
    Sent with love & prayers for abundant blessings,

  3. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. All of it is so very true.

    HUGS, friend! :o)


  4. intentional living. for sure! 🙂 jan

  5. You are a great mom. Jenna was so lucky to have you! Thanks for praying for Giuliana. You are a very eloquent writer!

  6. You worded dealing with pain and grief very well. I need to evaluate my thoughts as well.

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