Email down

There are some people who read this blog whom I have been wanting to email. I just wanted to let you know my email is down. It happens fairly often over the weekends…sigh.

Today has been a lazy day. I don’t like lazy days, I like it when I am productive and I can look back at a day in which I actualy accomplished something. Oh well…

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I have been anticipating it with sorrow in my heart, for the hubby’s sake. There is just something about a daddy and his little girl, and this daddy will be missing his little girl tomorrow. If you all can say a few prayers for him I would be grateful.

I’d rather not say what I have prepared for him for tomorrow since he has a sneaky way of reading my blog. I might update you all after the fact.

Since I don’t have much to say I will just share this with you.

Isn’t she just gorgeous? (Click on the picture to see the detail better.) My sister took the picture when we were all swimming at a game reserve in South Africa. Miss lacy-winged beauty was sitting on a towel in the ladies’ room trying to make us all jealous of her beautiful coloring, her dainty sillouette, and her tiny waistline. I think she’d make a good model for a painting, don’t you?


7 responses to “Email down

  1. How I love this picture of Sumi because that is the picture I have of her in my mind’s eye today, just running in a field with butterflies like the one you posted…so pretty and pink…I also thought of your husband today..may God’s comfort truly seep deep where he needs it…
    Love, Sita

  2. The dragonfly is GORGEOUS!!

    Happy weekend, Sumi. I pray Father’s Day was fairly painless for your family.


  3. Hey Sumi,

    I wanted to email you some information about my shower but I just read your email is down. Let me know when it is back. Thanks!

    Love, Stacey

  4. Hi Sumi,
    I’ve missed you. I actually misplaced the blog address and found myself missing your insights, prayers, and authentic sharing. You are helping so many people.

    You’ve used some of my favorite scriptures in these last posts but Psalm 90 is my very, very favorite about the brevity of our life here. Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations…before the mountains were born…you are God. (vs. 1-2).

    I felt compelled to write and say, the psalm ends, “Establish the work of my hands for me, yes, establish the work of my hands.” Though this work you are currently doing is not of your own choosing, you can be sure that the Lord is in it and is glorified through it.

    Blessings from Virginia.

  5. We saw your post on Stephanie’s blog after a friend of ours directed us there. We lost our little angel Lucy 3 1/2 weeks ago. It is heart wrenching to see others having to experience this. At the same time it is so inspiring to see how a loving Heavenly Father has comforted, and sustained others just as he has for us. It has also been amazing to feel others praying for us and to understand better what it means to “be one” with others. We will pray for you as well and rest assured that we will be with our little angels again, as we wait for the resurrection provided for us by Jesus Christ.

    Vic & Molly

  6. i just wanted to pop in here and tell you thank you!
    Your kind words you leave on my blog always cheer me up when i am feeling down.
    Jenna is beautiful 🙂 My heart is aching with yours.
    God Bless you!
    Always in my prayers!

  7. Hi Sumi!
    I just read through some of your old posts and listened to Jenna’s sweet voice. She is just precious!
    I never understand the “why” of God’s ways, but I hope you continue to trust in Him.
    I won’t even begin to pretend I know your pain because I don’t, but seek Him Sumi. I don’t believe unless He had something HUGE here that He would’ve okayed Jenna’s arrival into heaven so soon.
    Praying for you from one Mom’s heart to another.
    P.S. Don’t EVER stop talking about Jenna…not in person and not on this blog. Her life needs to be shared…forever. Your pain, growth and tears need to be shared. I will never tire of hearing of how your heart longs for her. I will never tire of hearing about her or hearing her voice…ever!

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