Just because I can…

I want to post a picture. My hubby’s cousin took this one in South Africa just 4 days before Jenna went to heaven. Jenna had just recently decided that she didn’t want to wear anymore hair scrunchies and she formed the habit of nonchalantly running her hair out of her face with her hand. The cousin snapped the picture while Jenna was doing that. I just love this picture! (You can click on it for a larger view).


19 responses to “Just because I can…

  1. Sumi,

    This is such a sweet picture of Jenna. I want you to know that even though I have not suffered losing a child I do understand wanting to do something on the anniversaries and just missing them all the time. I’m sorry people do not understand. I have a very close friend who lost her little girl to cancer and unfortunately people don’t understand.

    I recently read on another blog where a child had gone on to heaven, and this seemed so fitting how they described their loss and you could use it and maybe people would understand. You have a “Jenna-size hole” missing in your heart.

    Hope the days ahead will be filled with peace.

  2. So beautiful….priceless….the innocence of a child….for of such is the kingdom of God….our little ones are waiting…..
    Cindy Morris

  3. Sumi,

    She is just GORGEOUS!


  4. She is adorable. I don’t comment to much but I am following your journey. Your love for God is beautiful and pure. Thank you for sharing your heart with us in blogging world.

  5. Adorable!!

  6. What a precious, beautiful little girl. 🙂

  7. How absolutely precious! 😀

  8. where did those curly locks come from anyway??

  9. Sumi-
    She is absolutely gorgeous. I recently found your blog and my hear breaks for you and your family. I have a three and a half year old and can’t imagine the void her absence would leave in my life and my heart. I am praying for healing and peace for you and your family.

    I also wanted to tell you that while I shed many tears reading your blog I am also coming here for encouragement. I just had my seventh miscarriage last week and was very blessed through your restoration post. If you can trust God through your loss then certainly I can too. I am looking forward to what He has in store for us both as we continue to heal and encourage others.

    May God continue to bless you.
    Rachel in PA

  10. What a gorgeous girl! I love her curls….how precious that you have such a wonderful picture to cherish!

  11. She is so gorgeous! She radiates love and light. I’m so sorry she isn’t here today to smile at you and give you a big hug. My heart breaks for you.

    You are in my prayers,

  12. Sumi,
    She is so beautiful…breathtaking!

  13. Sumi, Jenna is so beautiful!
    Praying for you!

  14. Jenna is absolutely ANGELIC — she truly is!!

    I cannot imagine the void she leaves.

    May God continue to bless & comfort you all.

  15. What an incredibly beautiful blessing… I know you miss her deeply. My prayers are lifted up on behalf of your precious family.

  16. Sumi-
    reading your blog breaks my heart, remember you grieve your way not how anyone thinks you should, you remember that little angel however and whenever you needto, I think your picnic sounded beautiful…sending you a huge hug!!!

  17. What a beautiful picture of a beautiful little girl!

  18. sumi, every time i see a picture of jenna it takes my breath away. i can not imagine your loss; i think about you SO often and pray for you and your family whenever i read your precious words. much love, jan

  19. Sumi, your Jenna is so beautiful and precious. I am so sorry for your loss. I found your blog through a comment you left on my friend’s blog. Two years ago my baby was born to heaven at 37 weeks gestation. It was the most painful experience of my life, (and I still miss her terribly) but I also experienced the same kind of unbelievable, overwhelming peace and comfort that you speak of here, the kind that only God through Jesus can give. Though our losses are different, our wonderful God is the same. Isn’t He amazing? I have a question for you. Would you be so kind as to email me? You are in my prayers, dear sister in Christ.

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