To my hubby…

I woke up feeling rather glum and discouraged with my life this morning. It didn’t take my hubby long to notice, and he gave me the sweetest words of encouragement. He prayed for me too, and he told Jesus some neat things about me, just so that I could hear them and feel better. 🙂

We haven’t made much of a fuss for our anniversary this year and don’t have special plans for tonight (in fact, a friend from Bolivia will be spending the night here), but I just wanted to thank my sweet husband for 19 wonderful years. He is the kindest, funniest, wisest, and most generous man I know. I tell ya, he has a heart of gold!

Thank you, hubby, for being the kind of person I can be myself with and entrust my heart to.  You are my safe place (apart from Jesus).

I love you.



7 responses to “To my hubby…

  1. Happy Anniversary! Ours is tomorrow. Isn’t it great having such wonderfully supportive husbands?!

  2. Happy Anniversary Sumi!
    God Bless you and Hubby on your special day.

  3. This is “Hubby”

    Thank you my precious Sumi. I would have replied sooner, but your comments left my head so swollen, I could not get near the computer 🙂

    I love you so much, I thank Jesus for you every day, for your wit and wisdom, your kindness and love, for always being so honest, and just being wonderful Sumi. I don’t think I am lucky, I know I am lucky, and blessed beyond words to have you r love and frienship as my wife. I just love you soooo much, so very very much.


  4. Now, I have tears. Happy Anniversary!!

  5. you two made me cry

  6. Happy Anniversary!! =)

  7. What sweet sentiments ❤
    May you both have many more years together growing in love with each other and Jesus daily.

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