A picture and some news.

I just love this picture. It was taken a year and four days ago. Jenna picked Kiki out as her favorite kitten as soon as she was told that Kiki was the only girl in the litter. I think Kiki (I don’t know where Jenna got the name from) had many, many days where she secretly wished she had been born a boy. 😀 (Click on the picture if you want to see a bigger version.)

I was told today that Jenna’s grave marker is in. I am eager to see it! I will post a picture next time I go to the cemetery.

Other news: It seems like I will be teaching next year! I just LOVE the school where I will be teaching, and their approach to education. I’ve been given some subjects where I can be as hands-on as I like to be, so it is exciting! It has been a long time since I have stood in a classroom so there will be challenges and adjustments, but I think they can only help me grow as a person.

We had a huge rain storm yesterday which knocked the power out, and as the 3 boys and I snuggled and talked on my bed my middle boy told me: “Mom, I don’t know what I would do if you died. I feel like you are going to die soon”. Poor boy. 😦

I told him that it was just the devil lying to him. I explained that the devil’s voice brings fear but God’s voice gives us peace. Fear is the devil’s territory. This is how we know God is speaking: The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits… (James 3:7)

Anyhow, my own words got me thinking. As I considered all the challenges that lie before me this coming year I was reminded that there is no need for worry or fear in anything. In everything I can say like Joshua or Caleb did…surely God is with me, and because of that, I am well able to go in and possess this land.


13 responses to “A picture and some news.

  1. Congratulations on the teaching job! That is awesome! I know you’ll do great!

    I absolutely love the picture. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I can’t wait to see the marker. I just know it is going to be beautiful.

    My girls had the same fears that your son has. They still do actually. It helps to just let them talk about it. Which you are doing.

    My fears where losing one of them and their fears were losing me. I was very protective the first few months. And I am talking very.

    But, anyway, sorry, getting windy here.


  2. Dear Sumi,
    I love the picture of Jenna and the kitten. I have been so touched by all the pictures you have shared.
    I’m a teacher too. I’ve taught for 16 years. My ex. and I divorced in 91–ages ago. I know that I never would have become a teacher had that not happened. I also know that teaching is what I was supposed to do. I’m sure you will do a great job.
    I’m sure the marker for Jenna is beautiful. I look forward to seeing it.
    My best wishes to you. Happy Birthday on Sunday to Little Jenna.

  3. Congrats on the job! What a blessing you will be to those kids!

    I love this picture! My daughter named her stuffed dog Kiki. I’m allergic to animals, so we can’t have pets. Bummer :((
    I have no idea where she got the name. That’s neat how they both picked the same name.

    I’m so glad the marker is in and I’m sure that it will be beautiful. Looks like it came in just in time for her birthday!

    I guess I should share a little about myself-as I keep posting and I sent Jenna a birthday card!! I can’t quite relate to your loss, but I did have a miscarriage. Though our circumstances are different, I can still understand some of the pain.

    I’m continuing to keep you and your family in prayer.

    Love you!

    Cynthia Y.

  4. Hooray for teaching! I have to say, if it weren’t for my job I’m not sure how this past year would have been. There is something to the routine of teaching that helped me immensely.

    The photo is WONDERFUL! And, I can’t wait to see the grave marker.


  5. What a sweet picture! Congratulations on a new adventure. It will be a great experience for you and a way to give out so much love inside of you. I am so glad that I stayed at my job for the past two and half years~it has kept me busy (but working for family always can) and has been healing so to speak.

    I am confident that you will be such a blessing and encouragement to not only the kids that you teach but to their parents as well.

  6. Our cat is named kiki because two of the granchildren kept naming it and my husband and I couldn’t remember his name. So when we called for the cat to come to us, we just went “here kiki, come here kiki. Kiki being short for kitty.

    Happy Birthday to Jenna and I too look forward to seeing her marker.

  7. Sumi, that is such a sweet picture of Ms.Jenna!! I love it!

    I think it’s GREAT that you are going to be teaching this year. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    Can’t wait to see the marker, I’m sure it’s precious!!

  8. I love the picture! So very sweet.

  9. HI Sumi,
    I “found” you through Joel’s Journey as I have corresponded with Cindy the last 18 months or so….(I am unable to comment on Google Blogger)and saw you in the comments. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet muffin…I also have a 4 year old girl, our last child and only girl out of 7. They are so precious. Your little one is so incredibly beautiful…it breaks my heart, but I see you as a valiant woman of courage in this trial.
    I found this song, it’s beautiful in crying out to the Lord when you need to release the pain and loneliness to Him…I also sent the link to Cindy. Just click on one of the options for #10, called “Fly”. I pray it ministers comfort to you…. Heres’ the copy/paste:


    blessings to you all~
    ~Christal from Canada

  10. What a precious picture…

    I pray that you will be as blessed
    as the children who will have you as
    their teacher will be….

    I mailed a card today…I hope
    it gets there before Jenna’s
    birthday. I’m praying that it
    will be a special day filled with
    many blessings…


  11. I love that picture! What beautiful long lashes.
    So sweet.
    Congrats on the teaching job.
    (((hugs))) to you and the boys.

  12. I remember how excited I was when our Joshua’s marker came in too. We were lucky enough to get to be there when they placed his marker (it was a local company and a local cemetery so they told us just to give them a call when we were in the area). It felt really good to have that done. One of the few things we could still do for him. I wondered if you would mind if I link to your site from my “Momslikeme” site? You have been an encouragement to me and I would like to share that with others.
    Dawn Sloterbeek

  13. Sumi, “I feel like you’re going to die soon” may also mean that your son means to say, “I’m afraid that you’ll die soon, too, or as suddenly as Jenna did.” This is normal for all of us after someone we cherish dies, especially when it’s unexpected (but even when it is not). Our world seems to reel because the unthinkable and unpredictable has happened.

    Put another way, he may mean, “What if you died?” Maybe you could consider how you would answer his fears as a mother?

    My children also have had those concerns after our daughter’s death and also after shocking deaths since then. They tend to come up just as your son’s did, or as “what if” questions. I take them as seriously as you did, but I don’t just stop at the devil. I go on to answer practically, because kids are concrete. They want to know what if.

    My answer to my own kids sounds something like this:
    “It sounds like you’re worried. It’s normal to feel afraid after someone dies, and to be afraid that others very close to you may die, also, like your dad or me. Children need their parents and it’s true that sometimes parents die. I have great confidence that I will live to raise you til you’re grown up because of these promises in the Bible (I share them). And I also have a very strong gut feeling that I will.

    However, even though I’m very confident in this, I still have made plans with Daddy to protect you. We have this much money in life insurance, and even if we both died, we have plans to care for you. These people have agreed to raise you (names); and we know that God would see you through, just as God is seeing us through in our own grief now.”

    And then I ask them if they have any particular griefs or fears. It’s so very common for all of us to go reeling emotionally after a death; we feel we can’t handle more trauma or grief without toppling over sometimes; these kinds of voiced fears are like pressure relief valves. What has worked for me is to answer (as you did) with scripture, but to also address the sensible “what if” questions. Children need to know that God will take them all the way through, til they are old and gray. I just came from the funeral of a Christian, home schooling, 36-year-old mother of six Friday, whose youngest child was still nursing. It happens. God is still there; in this nation of blessing and luxury, I think we need to make special efforts to raise our children to be able to roll with tragedy as well as abundance, because suffering comes to everyone sooner or later. As Christians we are better equipped to handle it than most, and our kids can bless others if we talk practicalities with them too. At least, I think so. :o)

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