Six months today…


We said goodbye to you six months ago, little Jenna. We miss you today but our hearts are filled with hope and a deep peace. You have left a great void in our lives and yet we can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is good.

May Jesus hug and tickle and kiss you and cuddle you on his lap for us, sweet little princess.

Always your ‘mama’,


18 responses to “Six months today…

  1. Sumi,

    I read your blog weekly, if not daily. Jenna had recently gone home to heaven when I found your blog. Your courage, faith, humility, authenticity and humor have moved me. I continue to walk beside you and your family and pray for you so often. I treasure each day more because of what I’ve learned from Jenna and your family.

    May blessings to you,

  2. (((Sumi))) I am praying for you today.

  3. Big Hugs to you, Sumi. I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. Praying that the Lord bless you and your family today and that he continue to give you peace. Many hugs.

  5. Oh, Sumi, has it truly been six months already?

    HUGS, friend. Big hugs and much love.

  6. Six months is such a monumental mark in earthly time, but we know it is a blink of an eye in God’s time. Praying for you and your family today.

  7. Prayers to you Sumi! Happy 6 month Heaven day precious Jenna!

  8. I love how you signed out …always your mama. So true. No matter how long we get to hold them on this earth, we will always be their mama.

  9. Ohhhh…..Sumi! I’m just so sorry for you and your family and the void that is left. Please know that Jesus is with you and Jenna is too…you are being covered by prayer warriors!

    Love you!

    Cynthia Y.

  10. Such a sweet little girl! Six months… Do you ever wonder how the time can seem to go so fast, and yet… not? Hurting with you!

  11. I know it is a blink, Sumi. It’s impossible to fathom six months and that you have survived.
    Hugs to you today, and every day.
    Love Sheye

  12. Thinking of you today!

  13. 6 months? wow.

    Thank you for being such a sweet friend. It’s true how God’s grace carries you through. I’ll need your shoulder to cry on later though, okay??

    HOPEFULLY, I’ll be able to come home by the weekend, but we’ll see.

  14. i just dont know what to say, i know the pain of losing a baby i never got the chance to know but cant imagine the heartache you must have dealing with the loss of your sweet Jenna. Please know i am praying for you.

  15. Thinking of you Sumi. Jenna is so precious and beautiful. I know she is so happy in the arms of Jesus and is watching down on her sweet family. I am continuinig to pray for your healing.
    With love,

  16. HI Sumi,
    Time….it dosen’t stop does it as we grieve for outr little ones. On your last post about the suitcase, as I saw Jenna with her suticase, I thought it was an earthly picture of her getting ready for a journey, her and Joel both had their little suitcases on their last journey on this earth. I remember Joel sitting on the bed the night before our hosp. trip and he was putting things in he wanted. Thinking of you !!!

  17. Sumi, I am praying…

  18. What a beautiful little girl who brightens heaven.

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