Oi Vey!

Some gals just have no sense of timing. Tropical storm Faye is one of them. She is expected to give us a direct hit as a minor hurricane around Thursday.

This is my week y’all. This week I have to cram in: a meeting with the friend who is going to tutor the middle boy next year, a trip to the school uniform store, haircuts for the whole caboodle, a visit to the shoe store, the book store, and more. The house is gasping for a good clean, my carpets upstairs are begging for a vacuum. I need to get my classroom(s) organised for the school year. The grocery store beckons, I need to get school supplies and non-perishables.

I did run to the store to get drinking water this evening. When hurricane madness hit Florida in 2004 there were times when water flew off the shelves at an alarming rate. Since we consume plenty of water here anyway (hurricanes or no) I didn’t want to be left high and (literally) dry 🙂 .

Have you ever tasted Florida tap water?  It is enough to put you off drinking water for life! I marvelled at the sweet taste of the tap water in South Africa. I had forgotten how good it tasted, until this last trip in February.   

Anyway, off to the store I went for some store bought, decent tasting water, with two very eager and hopeful boys in tow. Ever since my mom gave them each a $20 bill, they have been champing at the bit to go shopping! They have asked me daily when we would be able to go, and those bills have been wearing a hole in the boys’ pockets. 

I didn’t want to take them, y’all. The middle boy is Mr. Decisive. He fears that he will miss out on something good if he settles on something else. A simple trip to the jiffy store for a candy bar is an exercise in patience for me, as he flip flops from one decision to another, and back again.

We went into the crowded store, and made a bee-line for the water (I’d love to tell you that there were fist fights over the water in the store but it wasn’t quite that bad) before visiting the toy aisle. The boy looked around a bit until he realised that his money had been left in the pocket of the jeans that he had been wearing before we left the house.

Poor kid. It was at this point that the hubby called me to tell me that an unexpected expense would be going off our account tonight and I had better wait to do the rest of my shopping tomorrow. I had to promise the disappointed boy that we would be back, pay for my precious cargo of water, and leave. Out of curiosity, I checked out the camping aisle before leaving. There were no flashlights left.

I suppose people remember those power outtages in 2004 vividly. I do. I remember the stickiness of my floors most of all. It wasn’t dirt-stickiness, it was the humidity that seemed to seep up from the floor and cling to your feet. The humidity clung to everything, and made the paper timeline in my homeschool classroom curl up. The heat and the inability to do normal, taken-for-granted things made tempers fray. 

Sigh. I am not ready for the world to stand still, languishing in sticky humidity while the clock keeps marching on to Monday, THE-day, the first-day-of-school day. I’ve got to have my power this week. Power to clean, power to use my computer so I can prepare my last few worksheets and do my last bit of research.

Faye, Faye, go away…(don’t) come again another day…Faye, Faye, go away, little Sumi (literally 😉 ) wants to play…


7 responses to “Oi Vey!

  1. I’m not sure if this will go through…I’m not up to speed on all things blogging but I want to say a quick “hi” and tell you how much I admire you and enjoy your insights and observations. You are remarkable. “Bring the Rain” led to our introduction.

    I am amazed at all you are handling! You have enormous practical challenges with the school year and Faye bearing down! Ouch! A lot of people think it “rains all the time” here in the Seattle area but it doesn’t. We have relatively few weather extremes compared to so many parts of our vast country. (Oops! Shhh! Now even more people will move here! It’s changed so much since my grandpa came here from Sweden at the turn of the century..that would be the LAST century! Now I am a grandparent looking forward and back at 5 generations! I guess that’s what comes of being born “mid-century.” I had no plan to say all this but my fingertips are getting away from me.

    Your Jenna IS an absolute DOLL. My heart aches for you and my spirit is hushed as I slip my shoes off and honor the holy ground you walk. You are a wonderful mom, wife and witness to the Lord. Thank you and praise God for His strength in your vulnerablity. I honor you for keeping your mind stayed on Him because you are so deeply trusting in His goodness. Well done! You are good and faithful, Sumi.

    In His love, Michal Ann
    Lake Forest Park WA

    Isaiah 26:3 (NKJV)

    You will keep (her) in perfect peace,
    Whose mind is stayed on You,
    Because (s)he trusts in You.

  2. sounds like you could use a personal assistant!! and tell Faye I’ll miss her! (I love storms). I suppose I can since I don’t have a family to consider! . . . my poor scardy-cat dog though.

    thank you so much for your continued love and support – I’m sorry I don’t have more time to spend on here, but so much ‘business’ and decisions need to be made. It’s really a whirlwind of insanity!

    Please pray for the service tomorrow night. We want it to be a celebration and for the Glory to change people’s lives.

  3. We lived in South Florida during Hurricane Wilma in 05 and I can totally relate what you are going through. We had a one year old and no electricity for ten days. Pray that Faye doesn’t strike to bad and that your electricity stays on and you can accomplish all you have to do this busy week.
    Hugs and Prayers
    Rachel now in Hurricane free PA

  4. Oh yeah, I was there in 2004! I think, in the ranking for what things I missed the most when the power went out, my airconditioning and TV were tied for first. (Yes, my priorities are WAY out of whack.) I believe that the fridge ranked very low in the standings, because who needs food when one has no AC or TV?

  5. Hope all goes well and you are able to accomplish everything. I have a personal blog where I am blogging about my losses as well. They are different from yours and you have given so much to all of us who read your blog. I know once school starts you will be so busy but we hope we can continue to hear from you.

    My private blog is: http://www.light2liveby.wordpress.com

    The last blog was yesterday and it deals with anger and abuse. Anger is out of my element. God Bless You and Your Family each and every day.

  6. Ack! 2004. Don’t care to relive that anytime soon. I was wondering how you were fairing. Stay safe. and DRY!

  7. Hi Sumi,
    When we’re busy it does help with the missing of our little ones doesn’t it?….we got a new computer and I lost all my addresses, can you e-mail when you have time so I can get your address again! Thanks!

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