Today had its moments:

When we arrived at school this morning my youngest pointed out a jet plane in the sky, which launched me into a rendition of “I’m leaving on a jet plane”. (I do that all the time, any random phrase can make me start singing.) Except, after the second line of the chorus, I had to stop myself short. Y’all know what happened last time Jenna and I left on a jet plane. (If you don’t, just scroll down about five posts until you see one that has a picture of the muffin pulling her suitcase behind her.)

I had to walk some cutesy pie pre-schoolers over to their class this morning. I love talking to pre-schoolers and I just miss interacting with my own little one. I couldn’t help thinking that Jenna would have been among this bunch if she were still here.

We had to forfeit our second period (my bible class) for an informational meeting with the students. The meeting ran short and a fairly significant time of the second period was left over. A sweet little seventh grader ran over to me, hugged me, and told me she was so glad that the meeting was short because now she wouldn’t miss being in my bible class.

The girls were disappointed because I hadn’t made any written comments in their bible journals. I had been swayed by another teacher who had told her class that their journals were between them and God and she would only be checking to see if the kids kept up with it. No, my class said, they want me to READ theirs AND comment on it.

The journalism class was about ten minutes longer than the other classes today because of a lunch schedule issue, but it still wasn’t long enough. 🙂

I watched Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican convention tonight. (I wish I had known it was tonight, I would have given my journalism students an assignment to write a report on it.) Did you all see her sweet youngest daughter waving at the crowds? Something about her mannerisms made me miss my muffiny. She is as cute as I imagine Jenna would (have) be(en) at her age.

13 responses to “Moments…

  1. Yes I know, one moment we are sailing along and the next reminded of our sweet little ones so vividly that it is almost a physical shock.

  2. grief is often that way. I’m so happy to see that you are still spontaneous and cheerful though. That in itself is a blessing, many people would have become angry or bitter over Jenna’s passing and you have shown how the Lord can turn a tragedy into a testimony of love.

    I’m glad that school is going well. Although I knew that you would do a fantastic job.

  3. I love teaching for all the reasons you mentioned. :o) My kids get miffed if I don’t respond to their journals as well. :oP Don’t you just love them?

    I’ve been missing Hannah something fierce this evening. I’m right there with you. :o(

    (Oh, yeah, I do that crazy random singing thing too, LOL!)

  4. I do that singing thing too but I can’t sing! So it’s quite tortuous for others around me! HA!

    I’m continuing to lift you and your family in prayer!

    Cynthia Y.

  5. I can’t remember if you have been writing to Jenna or not. But if you don’t you might want to consider doing so, keeping a journal of what you would want to tell her, things you have experienced etc. I don’t know if others would think it would be a good idea, but I do.

    I’m glad you are enjoying school and I hope the year will be full of many wonderful memories. I believe God has given you quite a talent with words and more importantly of faith. Your life and responses to grief have been a wonderful testimony of what Christ can do in our lives.

    God Bless You.

  6. Thank you for sharing those moments… so special.

    I understand how you saw Jenna in Sarah Palin’s daughter. I think that I mourn the Ellie that I won’t get to see in the various stages of growing up almost as much as the Ellie that I knew…

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!

  7. I cannot imagine the grief of losing a child, but I do understand those moments when you are hit by the “I wish I could have seen..” I so often wish I could have seen my dad with my daughters. I know they would have loved him. I know that he would have been an amazing grandfather.

    I still love the post you wrote on why its okay for us to look forward to seeing our loved ones waiting on us in heaven. God did make us relational, and I know He totally understands the hurt we feel in our missing our loved ones and the hope we feel in one day getting to see them again.

    It has been a long time since my dad passed, and yet there are still days, days where I feel so accutely how much I would like him here with me. So I can only imagine how you must feel when you see cute little ones who remind you of your precious one.

    You are a blessing, and so obviously a tremendous encouragement to others who are walking down the same road as you. Blessings, sweet Sumi. Thank you for continuing to cling to Him and to point others to His love.

    Looking forward to our eternal home….we’ll have to get together! 🙂

  8. You’ve been on my heart a lot today. Please know I’m praying…..

    Love you!

    Cynthia Y.

  9. I imagine you are a wonderful teacher!
    I think of you so often and know how much you miss Jenna.
    She is just about the cutest little girl ever.
    Your life is such a testimony Sumi. You have gone through the worst possible pain a mother can go through and yet you still honor our faithful God. His ways truly aren’t ours but I know someday when you see Him in heaven He will reveal the whole picture to you and you’ll say…”awwww, that’s what you were doing.”
    You are a blessing and I pray often for you to have peace and continued blessings in your life.

  10. Sounds like you’re thriving in your new environment and that your students just adore you!

    Did you see Sarah Palin’s daughter lick her hand and then smooth her baby brother’s hair out. Hubby and I could not stop laughing about that one!!

  11. So, how is school going, Sumi? You’ll have to fill us in this weekend. 🙂


  12. You’re on my heart today….

  13. Praying for you. FYI. It’s Carmen aka God’s Army Academy. Come check me out on my new blog. I have been updating since Sept 1, and I am hiding from family who like to judge things said on blogs. HA. Update your blogroll and see what the boys are up to.

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