Gotta run…

…But first I want to say hello to all my internet buddies. 🙂 Yep, I am still here! I am missing the cameraderie I find in blogging…I am simply not keeping up with all my bloggy friends and it makes me feel a bit isolated! Hopefully I will be able to take the time to blurb here again soon.

My life in 60 seconds:

I am happy to be at the school. It makes for a good challenge and I feel like I am doing something worthwhile with my time. The boys are doing great, here and there we are experiencing a few struggles to fit into the ‘work routine’ again. Hubby is working long hours, as usual.

Bible school is back after a shortish break – and oh boy, it is AWESOME!!! It does take a chunk of my time but I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I spoke to a lady at our church this week and she told me how busy I am with school and church and homeschool stuff. My blonde brain kind of switched on at that point and I thought to myself…busy? It never occured to me but yes, I suppose it’s true.

Life seems almost normal at times and then it creeps up on me quite unexpectedly that I am still walking through grief. It catches me unawares at the most crazy times. Those are the times when I realise that this is still a long haul thing, and it is far from over.

I am surrounded by people who are celebrating new life around them, in the form of early pregnancies, newly adopted babies, or newborn babies. I feel a pang of longing around them. I know the time is not now, but I hope that some day perhaps God will grant us another baby to love.

OK, I can never be short and sweet – once I start typing I don’t want to stop. But it is 1 am. and tomorrow is a school day. I need my beauty sleep. Love ya lots, bloggy buddies, see ya sometime soon.

15 responses to “Gotta run…

  1. Missed hearing from you!!! I was so happy to find a Willow Tree little boy for Joel’s birthday that said Birthday Boy, like I found for Jenna!!!!!! We made it through the birthday, it seems the tears were more before and now after than the day of…grace would be the answer to that!! May the Lord continue to fill your heart with his presence as you miss Jenna’s presence!

  2. I’m glad that life is settling into a sort of “normal” for you… It is the same for me. But I think that kind of makes those pangs more shocking when they come – and they do come! Praying that you are upheld by God’s sweet grace as you walk through this time…

  3. Thanks for the update! I have been wondering how you are doing and think of you so often! Please know you are always being prayed for!


  4. It’s great to get an update from you, Sumi! I have been thinking of and praying for you.
    What are you studying in bible time at school?

  5. I know I’ve seen you a few times since last Sunday, but I keep forgetting to tell you – for some reason that particular Sunday, I really missed Jenna and felt her physical absence. Maybe she was there with the angels dancing with us.

  6. Thanks for catching up. My, but your life does sound busy. May God continue to grant you His perfect peace as you go about your full-to-the-very-top days!

  7. So glad to hear from you!!! I’m still praying for you……

    Cynthia Y.

  8. So happy that you stopped in to write a few words. Yes, you are busy but it seems to be a good busy.

  9. Good to see an update, Sumi. I understand the busy beyond belief of grading and keeping up with school work. I also know all about normal that really isn’t and then it hits you.

    I’ve missed you! Big fat HUGS!!

  10. Thinking of you!

  11. Dear Sumi 🙂

    I came across your blog somehow, I can’t really remember how, but I guess it was God directing me. The first thing that I noticed is that you came from my beloved South Africa (although I was born in Ireland), South Africa is just as much my home. I have been living in the USA for almost fourteen years now and have never got over missing Africa and things Africa.

    I was reading your blog and enjoying your beautiful, writing style, when I realised the terrible, terrible loss that you had suffered. My heart breaks for you and your family (as a mother it breaks, because I have not suffered that loss and know that I could never imagine it). I have kept you in my prayers since and hope think that you have amazing grace and faith. Your little girl was beautiful and you can tell from her pictures that she was a beautiful spirit too. I am just compelled to write. I cannot write to your email as it is not listed, but please send it on if you feel happy to do so.

    I live in the Washington DC/N Virginia area. I have two children, Micaela who is 10 and Brian who is six. I can relate so much to your missing things about your homeland – the only difference is that you found a church which has given you that stability. That is wonderful. I have never really found that here (yet) but reading your wonderful words really touched my soul. I would love to “talk” to you if you wanted to, either by email or phone.

    I don’t know how you hold such a wonderful faith. I don’t know how you do it, except that you are obviously an amazing person, who has God directing everything in your life. I am humbled by your grace and compassion in the midst of your intense grief.

    I just wanted to say hello. I know that I was directed to you for a reason. My mother heart aches with yours.

    I am also a teacher, so we have that in common too. I was planning on possibly homeschooling, but God had other plans for our family this year. I am going back to work and looking to teach again.

    I will continue to read your wonderful writing and gain faith and strength from you. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

    God bless and prayers and love,
    Tricia (Moran)

  12. All of us who have followed your blog are interested and concerned how you and your family are doing. May God bless you and direct you.

  13. i may not comment, but i still check in on you daily. i just know your heart and pray for you that in His time, God will bless you with your heart’s desire!

  14. Hi Sumi,

    I’m just checking in on you to see how you are doing and how the school year is going. I know I’m so swamped right now I’m barely above the pile work, LOL!


  15. Hi Sumi,
    The last sermon we had on ‘heaven’ had us imagining heaven in another ‘dimension’ right here on earth, not unlike C.S. Lewis’ portal into Narnia in the wardrobe. Gee, the thought of our loved ones in heaven being just a ‘dimension’ away is really intriguing and exciting…check out my last post..blessings to you..
    Love, Sita

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