Highlights of the week(end)

I just started this post telling you all what a whirlwind this weekend has been but I deleted it. I would seriously bore you all. More ‘n likely put you to sleep.

Since it is a bit early for that (in my house anyway), I’m going to use immense self-restraint and stop telling you how busy my weekend was. Just so you know: it was busy. 🙂

Highlights of the past few days:

Hubby and I visited a friend who has been housebound due to illness. I don’t know if our visit was a catalyst or not, but the next day she was in church and we had a lovely lunch together afterwards. It’s soooo good to see her up and about again.

A sweet friend at church is such a blessing to hubby and I because she always initiates conversations about Jenna and how much she appreciated her. We had another one of our sweet conversations with her yesterday. Hubby is particularly blessed by it because I have more friends that will talk to me about Jenna than he does. (It is just not a male thing, ya know?)

After a confrontation with someone that left me a blubbering baby for much of Friday and Saturday, and made me apprehensive of how others would feel about my handling of the matter, it was so reassuring to find out today that I had complete understanding and support from the others involved. Sigh of relief.

After my post about the toddler on my hip on friday and the conversation about Jenna with the lady at church, I realised something. I pictured Jenna on my hip, with her brothers popping in and out of sight to make her laugh. I remembered how exuberant she always was. How, when she laughed, it was loud and free and infectious. When she pouted, it was with gusto. She lived life so largely. Her presence was felt wherever she went. I miss that presence sorely, but I am glad that I can remember a little girly that graced our lives and the lives of others so fully.

I realise that I am truly happy to be teaching. I earn peanuts – honestly. After all the boys’ school fees are paid there is not even enough left to cover gas. But I do it gladly. The boys are all doing so well. I am loving every aspect of the job – well, almost every aspect.

My sweet sister-in-law has hired someone to clean my house for me every Monday. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to drag my tired self into the house on a Monday afternoon and find a fragrant, clean house. Suzy – bless you! (Now if someone could just find a magic cure for the clutter that seems to prolifigate in my house. I swear, the stuff grows when you are not looking!)

The boys all had haircuts today. They look so cute. (Don’t tell my teenager I said that.)

A girl in my bible class wrote me the sweetest note today. It was precious, and it came so deeply from her heart that it is almost too sacred to write about. I am honored to have received it.

I’m looking forward to a Feast of Tabernacles conference that we will be having at church week after next. OK…so that is not a highlight. I am running out of highlights.

I will leave you with this tidbit from the life of an (ahem) professional teacher…

Last week, at our staff meeting, I realised (wishful thinking?) that I must be coming across looking very dignified. I rubbed my chin pensively as I listened to my superiors discuss this ‘n that. I even thought I caught one person mimicking my very professional looking chin rub. Hah! Little did my colleagues know, that as soon as I got home that afternoon, I made a beeline for the bathroom – and my tweezers. Yes, friends, the entirely professional posture I assumed while listening to the meeting had everything to do with facial hair.

I will never forget the quip one of my friends used to have about his attempt to grow a beard – he always told everyone that he had had crop failure. I wish I could say the same thing. 🙂

3 responses to “Highlights of the week(end)

  1. Wow! That was quite a weekend. Thanks so much for giving us the highlights. I always look forward to your posts!

    I have to tell you, my husband also loves it when people talk freely about Ellie. It can be so hard for men who lose children, because many of the men around them don’t know what to say… My husband would much rather address it, even if he cries, than have people pretend it hasn’t happened.

    I also feel as you do about remembering your sweet daughter. Even when the pain from the memories is intense, I am so glad that I can clearly picture her in day to day life.

    Thank you for all that you share.

  2. LOL on the facial hair! You should see me tweezing the old upper lip. ;o)

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to read you have people in your life who are willing to talk about Jenna. That is SO important!

    Do you find that teaching keeps you so busy you sometimes forget to miss Jenna? I get that way with Han sometimes, so I was wondering.

    Meanwhile, Brien is blessed to have co-workers who knew and LOVED Han and will talk about her to him all the time. It’s so wonderful. :o)

    As for the busy weekend, how wonderful! :o)


  3. so alls I was gonna say was the part about the confrontation – I HATE confrontation and I’m sorry you had to endure whatever that was about. How could anyone have an issue with my sweet Sumi-friend? sheesh, just send ’em to me, k? actually, I know you can hold your own ground and I’ve seen you be bold in your opinions and beliefs before too. So whatever it is – I’m sure Jesus is taking care of it, just like you said – you have support and encouragement.

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