Problem solved

The boys have been complaining for the past hour or two that they are bored.  Every year this time, as well as over summer, a friend comes and stays here for a week. Usually they play non-stop for all seven days. I hardly even see them unless they are hungry.

Not today. They were sprawling on the sofa earlier, copying the line from some kiddie movie (I forget which):

 “What do you wanna do?”

“I dunno. What do you wanna do?”

I’m a bad mom. I told them my garage is in desperate need of being cleared out. I tried to make it sound like fun, but they told me they are not that bored.  

A short while ago we heard an almighty crash in the bathroom. The older boy went to look and found his younger brother (my middle son who is always up-to-something) in the bathtub. He had squeezed out almost half the soap in my hand soap container into the tub and was amusing himself by slipping around in there.

The visiting boy gave one look at the fun in the tub and decided to get his bathing suit too.

This is when I took a leap of…hmmm…what shall we call it? I can’t even think of a word for my next deed, except that it was very brave and that I will probably regret it later.  

I told the boys that they were far too constrained in the tub. They needed to think big. It could be much more fun if they slid on my painted concrete floor in the tv room that way, on condition that they promise to clean up later. Talk about seeing the faces of a teenager and some almost-teens light up.

The soap was transferred from the tub to the floor.  We poured a thin layer of water on the floor.

As I type, the boys are having the time of their lives, slipping and sliding and laughing on my tv room floor. Heehee!

If I weren’t so old I would join them.

12 responses to “Problem solved

  1. What a great mom you are! Isn’t it great when you can put aside your normal motherly response and do the fun thing! Way to go! Happy New Year!

  2. If there was like some kind of mom of the year award or something, you would SOOOO get it! 🙂 You are waaaaaay more fun than me, Sumi! 😉

    Love to you!

  3. WHOAAAA! Now, that’s what i call a FUN (and fabulous) MOM! Hope you took pictures!

  4. awesome! awesome! reminds me of a friend who taught her boys how to “gutter float” during a gentle rainstorm. she did it with them! i thought you were going to say you “leapt” into the tub with them. a homemade skating rink in the living room is even better!

  5. Sounds like they had a great time. When we had the carpet ripped up from damage because of Hurricane Ike I let the boys ride their scooters in the house. I figured no carpet just cement slab why not. It was great to watch their faces light up.

  6. WOW! That sounds like fun and so not something I would do! They will never forget the fun they’ve had today!

    I tried something fun like that once and only once….my son was around 2 and he loves water. So I let him dump some water on the kitchen floor and play in it. He proceeded to undress and try swimming in it. Of course open air, water and a 2 year old produce, well, he ended up using the bathroom everywhere! I cleaned up very quickly and said I would never do something like that again! HA! He never noticed! He was just having a blast!

    Cynthia Y.

  7. That’s one way to get the floor clean:)
    You are so fun. I bet your boys will talk about that for years to come.
    Happy New Year!!

  8. I do not think that you are mean at all. You were providing them with an outlet for the boredom. If it had been me I probably would have yelled over the loss of all that soap. You would definitely get the Mom of the Year award and the Coolest Mom award as well. 😀

  9. You are, like, the coolest mom, EVAH! :o)

    Seriously, sounds like an WONDERFUL time! :o)

  10. how very cool!!! Reminds me of when the kids would slide on my very slippery wood floors in my old house.

  11. How fun! What a wonderful idea. Did it clean up well? I’m sure that the boys will never forget the experience and that it was worth every bit of the mess. You are such a fun mom to let boys go a little crazy when they need to!

  12. The floor was REALLY clean afterwards. 🙂 The room is fairly empty – wetting the center of the room for a short while didn’t damage anything.

    I did live to regret it however. I had painted my bathroom floor recently and disliked the color, so I didn’t give it a finishing coat. The moisture on the bathroom floor (they slid out from the bathroom into the tv room) made the paint come loose – which I am OK with because it needs changing. I even encouraged the boys to scrape the paint off.

    BUT…bits of flaked off wet paint quickly dries and sticks to whichever surface it is left on. The boys got bits of paint on the bathroom walls and in the bathtub itself – I had to scrub it down afterwards.

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