I have several unpublished drafts in my blog folder. Recently, when I read through some of them I tried to remember why they remained unpublished. Most of them weren’t quite finished. Some of them were too close to home, and I simply thought others weren’t good enough. Sometimes I saved drafts to post later, because I selfishly wanted to give more people  a chance to read the post at the top of the page first. 🙂 (Just keepin’ it real)

Anyhow, I have decided to publish some of my old drafts this week. (How about you do the same?) Here’s the first one, written sometime last November. I picked a short and sweet one, to start off with.

I am a bit tickled right now. Heehee!

The oldest boy often has to type out his assignments for school on my computer. He had to email one of these to his teacher recently but I was told she didn’t receive it, so I went into my documents folder to retrieve it.


The boy has picked some really random sounding names for his documents.

Some of them are:

i neeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp!!!!!!!.doc
stupid survey thingie.doc

Hmmmmm…doesn’t sound like the boy enjoys his homework very much, does it?


5 responses to “Unpublished

  1. I have a few draft in my folder that I probably should post. I’ll have to look at them tomorrow and perhaps schedule them to publish in the future. When I do I’ll make note that they were drafts and that I’d been challenged by you to post them 😀

  2. My DD does the same thing…she comes up with the most interesting names for her documents! I’ve only got a few housekeeping tip drafts that I’m saving for a challenge that I participate in once a month. They will have to wait for the right dates.

  3. At least he wrote something lol.

  4. LOL! I’ve received a few documents entitled similar things. ;oP

    No drafts hanging out in my folder. I pretty much just hit publish and pray for the best.

  5. Those are hilarious! At least you were able to find them easily!

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