Hubby’s birthday.

It was the hubby’s birthday today. He woke me out of a deep sleep this morning to say goodbye since he was on his way to work extra early. At that point he said in a not-too-obscure hint: “Happy birthday”, which confused me for a minute. Why was he saying that? Wasn’t it my birthday just a month or so ago? LOL!

Sigh. I get so busy when school is in session. It consumes. Sooooo, while hubby was at work today, getting spoiled with home-baked cake and balloons (his colleagues are so sweet!), I went shopping for birthday cards from us.

It was easy to get one from me and one from the kids.  While I stood there it occurred to me that hubby needed something from Jenna. It got downright depressing trying to find the hubby a card from his little girl that was appropriate and phrased just right. How often do you buy a card for someone from someone who is in heaven?  I had the urge to blurt out to a perfectly strange lady that I was looking for a card for my husband from his little girl in heaven but I decided I would just totally weird her out!

I got just the perfect card though. It is cropped to show just the picture of a little girl’s chubby toddler-hands clutching a sunflower to her chest. The inside simply says:  This card is a little visit from someone who thinks about you a lot.

The hubby read his card and called me a dork (a little reproachfully 🙂 ) because it made him miss her so. Sigh…she’s left such a gap…After he read his cards all three boys were playing with hubby’s balloons, trying to keep them from touching the ground. I love to see my boys playing together like that, and as I drank in the sight I could vividly picture little miss Jenna right there in the middle of the fray and hear her laughter ringing out with theirs.  Jenna loved to bat balloons in the air.

We went out to a yummy chinese place for dinner, and now I am here, writing random stuff on my blog. I ain’t got much to say. 🙂

Oh, talking about chinese, we went to see the chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats perform today.  It was a too-good-to-miss field trip opportunity through our homeschool group. (Gotta love those field trip prices.) It was amazing!!! Even the teenager, whom I had to cajole into going, loved it.

I’m off to spend some time with the hubby. G’night, all!!


5 responses to “Hubby’s birthday.

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Sumi!!

    Hope it was a great one 😀

  2. Happy birthday to Mr. Sumi!! You will be lifted before Our Father’s throne today—asking for peace, comfort and blessings on you and yours in 2009!
    Never knew sweet jenna, but i find myself thinking about her often and praying for all of you often!
    God Bless you and keep you.

  3. Happy Birthday Sumi’s Hubby!

    I think the card you got from Jenna is too cute!

  4. Happy Birthday to Hubby.

    Well done on finding the perfect card. They do leave such HUGE holes behind. :sigh:

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    What a perfect card!! Don’t you just love it when you feel and find something so directly from Jesus!? What a sign from Him to show that He is still with you, He hasn’t left you and that He loves all of you very much!

    I’m sure Jenna was playing and laughing right along with all of you in heaven.

    Always praying for you and your family!

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