Quick request

I should be off to bed…

First, I am going to wallow in a hot bath though. Yeah, it is THAT cold. For us Floridians anyway.  Crawling into bed all warm and cozy with a cup of hot chocolate sounds heavenly right now.

I have school on the brain tonight, because my boss just told me she’ll be stopping by in my history class tomorrow to evaluate me – eeek!  I almost wish she’d drop by unannounced so I wouldn’t get the chance to get nervy about it.

I’ve been loving this history class. (Who would have thought? My sister was always the history afficionado and I was the science junkie.) We use an AWESOME curriculum that makes it so easy for me, and I teach the sweetest kids who ask great questions.

BUT…I have had such amazing favor (purely a God-thing, folks) at the school and my boss is walking into this evaluation with high expectations. That scares me a bit.  I’d rather someone have lowish expectations and be pleasantly surprised than the unthinkable scenario…you know, where I fall flat on my face and get knocked down a size or two. (If you know me, you’ll know that I am already short enough.)

So…quick request…will y’all pray for me, please? I purposely didn’t go out and plan a mega-wonderful lesson. I didn’t want to get all stressed and hyped up about tomorrow. I want to approach it like I do all my classes. No extra special treatment.

I am hoping for 3 things: clarity of thought for me, for my students to ask the same wonderful questions that they normally do (it really makes the class come alive), and for me to finish the lesson in the time period given.

Thanks a million!!!


6 responses to “Quick request

  1. Praying! I know you’ll do wonderfully. Just pretend like she isn’t there or she is another student.

  2. You know you have my prayers. :o)

    You’ll do wonderfully!! :o)

  3. Praying! Just be you…you’ll be great!

  4. PRAYING! I know you will be fine, but I can definitely understand the nerves.

    I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  5. I don’t usually check in during the day, but decided to do so today. I am glad I did so I can be praying for you. You will do great!!!

    A “friend” praying for you in MD

  6. prayers from Cincy!

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