I am sitting here eating a bar of Cadbury’s milk chocolate. I was a really good girl and gave the boys a whopping two squares each but the rest is mine. MINE, I tell ya! I’m not sharing with hubby, he has a whole bar of his own and he hasn’t even offered ANYONE any.

I think the Cadbury’s is going to find its way to my thighs and derriere very efficiently, thankyouverymuch. My jeans are fitting snugly. Last night as we visited with friends at a late night restaurant (you know, the not-so-good ones that you only go to because nothing else is open after church), I squirmed in my chair with discomfort even after I had surreptitiously loosened the top button of my jeans. And this is BEFORE we started eating, y’all. I couldn’t wait to get home and exchange those jeans for a pair of sweats.

The beautiful winter weather we had last week (before this cold front hit us HARD) stirred something in me. I had a crazy, wild urge to join my 6th grade class whilst they lapped the parking lot during PE. Only my sense of dignity and decorum lack of good running shoes held me back. I was also a teeny tiny bit afraid that I would prove to be as unfit as I really am and steam and blow and puff and embarrass myself in front of all my students. I LOVE running though and I think I might just take a pair of running shoes with me to class one of these days. Do you think the PE teacher will think I am nuts?

OK…back to the chocolate. I’m not sharing, because I am pampering myself this evening. It was exactly 11 months today that Jenna left us, and I have been a bit low and cranky (quite a lot) today. It was the first day that it fell on a Saturday, and it was hard. When time passes slowly on a special day, like it did today, I tend to re-live my last precious moments with her and miss her that much more.

And so I am eating chocolate. And I am totally curious. Are you a Hersheys chocolate gal, or an anything-but-Hersheys gal, or an I-don’t-care-just-give-me-chocolate gal?

I don’t like Hersheys. It must be my South African taste buds, but it is too sweet and strong for me. I think I still have some Hersheys kisses floating around the house from before Christmas (Gasp!). Ask my mom – NOTHING sweet ever lasts that long when Sumi is around!

And how do you eat your chocolate, pray tell? I eat mine s-l-o-w-l-y, making it melt in my mouth.

I had actually wanted to write something else tonight. (I will bore you all with it tomorrow, heehee) But the chocolate stole my brain and my post. I’m down to my last square. I might not eat it. I am all chocolated-up.

Which begs one last question:

Can you walk away from a piece of chocolate?


13 responses to “Chocolate

  1. I am weird, Sumi – I eat my chocolate only when its COLD, in the refrigerator, or freezer. You would think that would put restrictions on me, but nope–I love my m&m’s in the freezer–Hersheys Bar in the freezer–Cadburys and Skor bars in the refrigerator, along with Mounds in the refrig. :o) Told ya, I’m weird. I do not eat room temperature chocolate.

  2. No, I can not walk away from a piece of chocolate.

    I generally savor it slowly in my mouth.

    Hersheys is my favorite, but I also enjoy imported chocolate as well.

    There really isn’t any chocolate out there that I have found that I really don’t like…

    Except the really cheap chocolate that tastes like wax.

  3. I ditto everything that CC said,except the savoring it slowly in my mouth. I tend to wolf it down too quickly. But I can not walk away from chocolate and any chocolate will do but that really cheap chocolate that tastes gross.

  4. First off, our school had a basketball game between some sixth graders and the middle school teachers. They didn’t have enough teachers so they came to me and I flat-out told ’em NO! I had NO desire to look like an unfit chump in front of the entire lower school, lol!

    Now, on to the chocolate. My favorite is really Cadbury’s, but it is dreadfully difficult to find. I like a nice Hershey’s bar (but feel this must be the case only because it is what I grew up with as “chocolate”) and Hershey’s kisses and such, it’s true.

    As for walking away from chocolate, well, I confess, I’ve become a bit of a chocolate snob as I’ve gotten older. I’m not willing to consume the calories if I’m not going to thoroughly enjoy the treat. So I guess you could say there’s a certain is-it-worth-it/calories ratio. ;o)

    I don’t much care for Nestle chocolate at all and can’t stand the cheapy stuff. I DO however LOVE a high-end dark chocolate with yummy flavors in it, especially organic like “Green and Black”. Mmmmm. I take small bits and pop them in my mouth and just *savor* them as they melt and coat my tongue.

    (sorry for the long ramble, lol!)

  5. Ok, I’m probably the oddball here but, I’ve discovered I really don’t like chocolate. Ok, stop screaming and gasping….let me explain! I’m not a candy person anyway and I don’t like chocolate bars, but if I had to choose, it would be a “Whatchamacallit”! Since they are hard to find, they don’t pose a problem.

    Now, if there are some Little Debbie’s around, like SWISS CAKE ROLLS, look out! I only allow them in the house like once-a-year (seriously). We had some just a few months ago and one of my children decided they didn’t want the rest of it. I was on the other side of the kitchen when my husband said he would take it. I literally flew across the room and tackled him and shoved it in my mouth! HAHA!

    I can’t believe I just re-told this to you! HA!

  6. I wouldn’t run with the kids or play basket ball with them – I couldn’t handle the pointed fingers and laughter at my expense. =(

    Chocolate – I am a chocolate snob. I love, nay adore imported chocolates. I love Hershey bars, Kisses, Reeses cup, Dove, Symphony, Cadbury (yes even their eggs at Easter). I hate to see someone waste perfectly good chocolate though I will admiit to throwing out a box of really marvelous Belgian chocolates because Buddy, God rest his beagle soul, got into them and put his teeth into every piece ๐Ÿ˜› eeeww

    The people in this house know that if they want in my good graces chocolate works much better than flowers and they better ask before consuming any of mine!!

  7. Sweetie, you can all the chocolate that you want!

    I like chocolate with flavors, such as chocolate covered mint, cherries, orange gooey stuff, caramel, and so forth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. i am also a chocolate snob. no cheap chocolate for me. dove milk chocolate and ritta sport bars – plus alpine milk chocolate i find in bulgaria. however, my favorite ‘grocery store” chocolate would be almond joys. chocolate soothes. dove – room temperature. grocery store bars – refrig.

  9. Go chocolate, go chocolate go!! Love chocolate, girl! Any kind is good for me really… but it has to be all mixed in (like Snickers, heath, peanut m&m’s, etc) EXCEPT for DARK CHOCOLATE!!

    Enjoy that chocolate dear friend… I’m praying for you as you walk through these days that are so difficult… as you remember and relive your precious Jenna.

    Love you.

  10. Hi Sumi

    I don’t think there are many women out there who can truely walk away from a bar of chocolate! And I am one of them who loves it too much to walk away. Life is too short, and Cadburys is my favourite too. Especially the South African or Irish Cadburys – it tastes different. I am so glad I found someone who doesn’t like Hershey’s either – I really don’t like the taste at all. It’s too sweet, or it has a taste that I really don’t like.

    I think of you often and keep you and your family in our prayers. You are amazing. Keep writing and remembering your beautiful little one – she is proud of you too!
    Warm hugs ((( )))
    Tricia ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. You’ve got me thinking about Cadbury Creme Eggs. So there is an art to eating the Cadbury Creme Egg, just so you know. First, carefully remove the foil and spread it out flat. Then take a tiny bite of chocolate off the top. Gently peel away some of the chocolate and eat it (you may need to scrape some of the egg innards back into the egg). Then with your index finger, scoop all the egg white and yolk (the creme part) out onto the foil. Devour the chocolate. Then lick the creme off the foil. This takes lots of practice so you have to eat a lot of eggs.

  12. One word – Lindt. DO you have it in the USA? (I’m in Canada).

  13. Christal – yes, we do have Lindt chocolate in the US and I love those!!! Sometimes when I go to Michael’s I’ll buy one at the register for that little pick-me-up =)

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