Fighting ~ a cold. A very mild one.

Noticing ~ all the little things that are neglected around here, that I never have time for.

Drooling ~ Over a new blog look that I don’t have the savvy to implement.

Wishing ~ for a nice haircut with highlights.

Praying about ~ adding English to my teaching schedule next year. Could be fun. Could also be wayyyy too much work.

Praying for ~ Stellan and Kristy,

Listening ~ to Isa Couvertier. The girl has heart.

Curious ~ about the monster that sent the 8th graders running last week. I was brave. 🙂 I put a quarter next to it and took a picture:


Sharing ~ a poem my dad wrote and emailed me: 

        A year has passed, a year of pain

        Is it all in vain?

        Jenna’s limp and lifeless body on my lap

        I kissed her forehead and gave her back.

        Jesus, why allow this to be?

        Tonight he revealed this to me:

        “The pain you feel is what you share of

        My life I gave for you and her.”

        Lord, let it be.

        I am content in Thee.


        Leon 23 March 2009. 00h25

Daddy, I have no words…

14 responses to “Words…

  1. 2feetonearth1inthestars

    Beautiful. And very thought provoking

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful poem your dad wrote. I am weeping for your loss and for ours, but it’s a “Lord help me be content in Thee” kind of weeping.

  3. What a beautiful poem. Your dad sounds like a real treasure. Sharing tears with you this morning, once again. Blessings on your day, Sumi.

  4. That made me cry. What a beautiful poem.

    I’m still praying…..

  5. I’m crying over that beautiful poem.

    I’m praying for Stellan and for Kristi as well. And, of course, for you, dearest Sumi, as this pain just doesn’t seem to end.


  6. Scary monster that one!!

    What a beautiful poem with so much love attached. Thank you for sharing it and thanks to your dad for writing from his heart. My prayers are with you all.

  7. may i share it with others?

  8. sumi, as i read that poem again, i am lifting your dad up in prayer. “i kissed her forehead and gave her back.” i can’t imagine. as a grandparent, my heart hurts for him so much now. he sounds like a wonderful daddy and i pray that God has given him some peace and released him from the sadness of that day. please let your dad AND your mom know that i understand the hurt they feel – from the loss of precious jenna and the hurt they feel for you, their daughter. i pray for continued healing for you all.

  9. Oh, that poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it, and thank your father for writing it.

  10. God places you on my heart so often. I feel so connected to you I think because of Faith. I look at her and think of Jenna.

  11. Sumi,
    you are truly blessed in your father. Will be praying for Stellan.

  12. Your have a kick-ass dad.

    I think you already knew that. 😉

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