I know what I’d go out to buy right now if I had the …ahem….clearance from hubby. (That could be construed as a hint, Hubs.) I’d go and get me a Wii Fit.

I had a crazy moment at school today where I told my sixth graders I felt like running. One of the sweet little things suggested I switch shoes with her, and another girl challenged me to a race. I don’t know what got in to me…had I forgotten that I always came in first in races at school? As in…first from the rear?

So we ran. I had only gone a few yards when I realized my mistake. The other girl sailed ahead of me…and she wasn’t even going as fast as she could. Even worse, I could feel my hamstrings stretching as I tried to take big strides.

Sigh. I won’t tell you about the long-jump dare where I fell flat on my face. Literally. I got off the ground surrounded by concerned little sixth graders dusting me off and saying things like: Are you sure you are alright?…That was spectacular…You made this kind of roll… 

I am a teeny bit sore today. This old bod needs a major overhaul. It’s one thing to be nearing my mid-forties, quite another to feel like it. I’m off to the grocery store. You can bet that I will be pricing the Wii Fit while I am there.  🙂


8 responses to “Covet

  1. An even better workout on the Wii is the Wii Fitness Trainer. It’s customized aerobics workouts for you based on the goals that you select. I started it last week and it’s pretty tough! I think it was $27 on Amazon…a lot cheaper than Wii Fit (and a better workout). We also have Wii Fit and I think the Trainer is more intense.

  2. Ohhhh…there has been great temptation over at this house to purchase the Wii fit….and then I think about it telling me the truth about all of my “numbers.” Maybe I should get fit before I buy the fit. 😉

    hee hee…I couldn’t help but giggle about “you made this kind of roll.” Hope your body recovers.

    Blessings, sweet Sumi!

  3. I laughed about the same thing (you made this kind of roll) HA! It’s always funnier when it’s someone else!

    I’ve been wanting the Wii Fit as well. I have to save up for it and apparently I’m waiting to eat right until I get it too! HA!

  4. I’m urging your hubby to give you clearance on this one! We got it just as it came out last year, and we LOVE it. Another thing you might look into is the Disney DDR for wii (it’s not rauncy like the other DDR games). That one gets you going, too. Seriously, the wii fit is a great outlet. Helps you with Yoga poses, strength training, and yes, running. (No I don’t work for nintendo or in anyway being paid for this LOL.)

  5. I like the Wii Fit and am glad that I spent the money to buy it. We found it at Costco for less than what the stores were selling it for. If you have member ship there or know someone who does and will get it for you that would be the way to go.

  6. The Most Positive thing about Wii Fit is that you don’t have an instructor saying: “And what are you doing NOW??!!” or “Interesting sound effects” as I am huffing and puffing my way through a “stretch” class at gym. His background music is pure classical – it should be “Nellie the Elephant” 🙂

  7. a lady at work was talking about wii fit so highly, but i still couldn’t talk mr. fiance’ into buying a wii just so i could have wii fit. At least you’re half way there – good luck with the hubby!!

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