Status Report

So, I am on summer break – and now that the school yearbook is a wrap I can start to feel like it! I say start to, because it will take a while for this poor house to get on a level where I can feel like I am truly on holiday.  It is showing the accumulated neglect of 9 months of teaching.

I have been so busy I don’t even know where to start blogging again, but I realised I needed to sit and write here at my computer again when I commented on a friend’s blog last night and started spouting all kinds of stuff that didn’t even have anything to do with her post. LOL!

Soooooo…here’s a quick status report from me:

1. Did I mention I am on break? Woot!!!

2. I cleaned out the pantry today, and my kitchen feels like a happier place already. Tomorrow I will hopefully tackle the fridge to get rid of the science experiments growing in there. 🙂 My bedroom is a disaster area, with books all over the floor. I am pricing them for a homeschool curriculum sale coming up on Saturday. I had sorted them yesterday, but ran out of price stickers. So they stayed on my floor in their neatly sorted piles for hubby to stumble over in the dark when he came to bed last night. I’m just kidding, I was a good girl and cleared a nice path for him but if he veered off course somewhat in the dark he might have tripped. Praise God he has a sure sense of direction.

3. I am tickled pink that I managed to figure out SOMETHING, anything, on Photoshop. I couldn’t figure out the very basics before, but I was working on the yearbook in tandem with a lady who is a Photoshop guru. I decided I simply HAD to copy her and try to make the lovely photo collages she was doing, and thanks to some great Youtube tutorials, I DID it!! The endless possibilities photoshop offers has me salivating and I can’t wait to learn more. I made the photo collage header for this blog last night – d’ya like it?

4. Shutterfly (where we made the yearbooks) offered me a free photobook, and I spent much of last night putting together a little memory book of Jenna. I had to redeem it by today, needless to say I went to bed LATE last night! I placed some of Jenna’s favorite clothes over the scanner and used my new found photoshop savvy (whoa, that sounds good 😉 ) to build the pages for her photobook. I’ll share a few at the bottom of this post. It was bittersweet rummaging through her things, and I discovered all the precious cards that many of you, my wonderful blog readers sent last year for Jenna’s birthday.  They moved me to tears. Such sweet, thoughtful words from people whom I had never even met…almost a year later, they mean more to me than ever before.  Thank you, all. I’m missing that girly tonight.

5. I am reading through the book of Isaiah. The final chapters of Isaiah are some of my favorites in the bible, but I have never read the entire book chronologically. I LOVE reading about how redemptive God is in everything he does. That is what this book is about for me – even God’s judgment is always redemptive, with a view to purifying and refining his people. His mercy always triumphs. No wonder David expressed that he loved God’s judgments, that to him they were sweeter than honey and more precious than gold. He knew that everything in his life, even the trials, worked together for good. If he yielded to God’s correction in his life, and allowed it to do what God intended, he would find his heart’s desire realised: He would dwell in the presence of God.
One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.

6. A friend’s house burned down on Sunday while she was at church. She got home to find everything gone, and her little dog dead. I am slightly consternated (even if that isn’t a REAL word, it sounds nice, so I am going to use it) about how to help her. I realised after Jenna went to heaven that few people really understood what it was like to lose a child because they hadn’t gone through it. Likewise, I don’t know what it is like to lose everything to a fire, because I haven’t been there. If any of you have dealt with this, or if you know someone who has, could you please give me some advice on how I can best help my friend? What would her most pressing needs be right now? How can I make things easier for her? Please share any advice you have, and feel free to point me to helpful links.

I’ll stop there. Boy, I am really out of it as far as blogging is concerned. 🙂

Here are some of the pictures I put in Jenna’s photobook:

bigfish2 copy

This was Jenna’s favorite shirt. You can see the glitter that she managed to get all over it in the bottom of the picture. 

sleeping beauty 

I scanned in a sweater I bought for her on our last shopping trip together. She couldn’t get enough of its softness, constantly rubbing her cheek against the ‘fur’.


purplediamond copy

Couldn’t resist this one…Captain Underpants!!! Jenna called it canteloupe-a-pants. Tee hee!

8 responses to “Status Report

  1. I love your page! Good job!

    Based on those sweet scrapbook pages, I know Jenna’s book will be awesome!

    I haven’t had to suffer through a fire, but know others who have. When it’s happened in our church, there was an account set-up at a local bank where people could make deposits toward this family, sometimes the church would collect the money and then give it to the family. Also they would take the sizes of clothes, shoes, etc. and people would drop off what was needed. From what I’ve heard, these families miss their Bibles and pictures. Hopefully she has found a place to live. Then furniture, money, clothes could be given. Of course meals, help with her children if she has some, etc.

    I saw on Extreme Home Makeover just a couple of weeks ago they did something really cool. They got together everyone who knew this family that lost everything in a fire. They all pulled the pictures they had of the family through the years and replaced the ones (or at least a lot of them) and the family was just amazed and so grateful! You (or someone else) could put the new pictures in albums, frames, etc.

    Sorry this was so long. Hope it helps though!

    Love you!

    Cynthia Y.

  2. I’ve had to skim quickly through your posts the last couple times I’ve been on your page – I’m SO busy these days. Anyway, just wanted to say I like the updates to the page. =)

    Wanna work on my page now? or perhaps my kitchen? hehe

  3. What a fabulous idea to scan her clothes! I used to come over to your sweet blog to see cute pictures of Jenna, and to hear all about your adorable family, but now I have an all new reason to come visit… scrapbooking and photoshop! 🙂 Jenna’s pages are absolutely adorable and creative! Such a tribute to such a great little girl.

  4. Sumi, I love the way you express your feelings and your faith. As you listened in bed to your ipod that night, the Lord came to you. You didn’t have to weigh enough, jump up and down or do theatrics. You just had to lean on the door and open to Him who was knocking. Wow!

    There’s a blog playlist in the background.

    As I typed “that night” above, the group “Tenth Avenue North” sang the same words: synchronicity in Jesus. You’d really enjoy the music! (Times, Beloved, By Your Side.) Great lyrics which fit right in with your post about Laodicea and Hosea.

    Lyrics to Beloved:

    Love of My life
    Look deep in My eyes
    There you will find what you need
    Give me your life
    Lust and the lies
    The past you’re afraid I might see
    You’ve been running away from Me

    You’re My beloved
    Lover, I’m yours
    Death shall not part us
    It’s you I died for
    For better or worse
    Forever we’ll be
    My Love it unites us
    And it binds you to Me
    It’s a mystery

    Love of My life
    Look deep in My eyes
    There you will find what you need
    I’m the giver of life
    I’ll clothe you in white
    My immaculate bride you will be
    Oh, come running home to Me

    You’re My beloved
    Lover, I’m yours
    Death shall not part us
    It’s you I died for
    For better or worse
    Forever we’ll be
    My love it unites us
    It binds you to Me

    You’ve been a mistress, my wife
    Chasing lovers who won’t satisfy
    Won’t you let me make you my bride
    You will drink of my lips
    And you’ll taste new life

    You’re my beloved
    Lover, I’m yours
    Death shall not part us
    It’s you I died for
    For better or worse
    Forever we’ll be
    Our Love it unites us
    & it binds you to me (rpt)

    It’s a mystery

    Your Jenna is so lovely. I will be checking back again to see your tributes. BTW, I googled my name and a February note to you came up. (No blog.)

    In Jesus’ love, Michal <

    Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2

  5. Sumi, die fotos is te pragtig! Ek hou veral van die sleeping beauty een – kyk die klein smile op die bekkie! ek gaan vir jou n e mail stuur. Lief vir jou Ma.

  6. Oh…those scrapbook pages are so precious! I don’t know which is my favorite…they are all so sweet!!!

    Thank you for your comment tonight, Sumi. You are always so full of compassion and grace. That is why I know you will be a blessing to this friend of yours who is having to face life after the tragedy of the fire. I will be praying for her…and for you, that the Lord will lead you in how to best minister to her.

    Have a wonderful summer, sweet Sumi! Oh…and I love the new look for your blog…all of your sweeties lookin’ cute up there at the top.

    You stay in my prayers,

  7. Sumi, I live in Washington State (Seattle area). The other grandma of my son’s daughter experience a house fire so I inquired of her. I think it will give you insight and some practical ideas so I will send it in it’s entirity. I’m so glad that what you feared (health concerns) has NOT come upon you and that you’ve received some sweet ministry. Now, here’s the note from “Soosun.” Kevin is her husband.

    “Whenever I hear about losing everything from a house fire, those feeling come back to visit me again and my heart goes out in prayer, even if I don’t know the person. Especially if they’ve lost an animal as well. So many people came to our aid in so many ways. One friend brought over a Tupperware container with, incense, scissors, pens and pencils, note book, phone book, hair clips, I can’t remember what all else, but we needed everything. Kevin’s brother and wife brought a wicker basket with bath towels, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, I don’t know, just things I didn’t even know we needed, we were in shock for weeks. One friend invited me over over to her closet to choose anything I wanted. The first night some friends who own a clothing boutique brought a huge box full of clothes and Aveda products, a Bible and some tranquilizers, we used them for several nights and cried in each others arms. Lots of people came and prayed with us.

    One thing I can tell you NOT to say is, “call me if you need anything,” because they won’t. Just pray and let God tell you what to do or say. You are very creative and I know you will do what is needed. Kevin made a photo album of our old house first then a picture from the Sequim Gazette on the front page of our house totally engulfed in flames, and all the stages of demolition and rebuilding. When I looked at it the first time I sobbed my heart out and still do when I look at it. Remind me to show it to you next time you’re here. Some people said well, they’re just things and things can be replaced, at least you’re alright. But things have memories attached to them. I was sooo sad for a long time I told Kevin one time I didn’t think I could ever be happy again. But of course time and God helped to heal. But every time I hear or see a fire engine all those old feelings pop right back up from wherever they are hiding. I hope your friend knows God loves her and some day, hopefully she will have some understanding about the whole thing. WOW that was pretty wordy. I hope there was something that will help. You’re a gem Michal. In Him…Soosun”

  8. Hi Sumi…I hope you never stop sharing your up days and down days, your pictures of Jenna and your stories about her. It never gets old reading and seeing her. She is a beauty. And so worth mentioning…over and over again.

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