Random thoughts at 1:40 am

It’s insanely late and this may just turn out to be an experiment to see how coherent I can be past midnight. Heehee!

Today I:

Swallowed hard and watched the oldest boy go off with his youth group to visit the same water park we visited earlier this month. I didn’t swallow hard because he was going (I prayed for the boy and I know he’ll be fine). I swallowed hard because I was not going. I really wanted to go too.

Tried on an insanely expensive dress just for fun whilst hanging out with a sweet friend. We were at the ‘droolingest’ store in the whole wide world. (Anthropologie, if you must know.)

Played Bejeweled Blitz on facebook for much longer than I care to divulge.

Listened to the hubby teach at bible school. He did good. 🙂

Walked down memory lane as the two younger boys reminisced about a long-standing and very silly game they used to play with their stuffed animals. It was a classic. Maybe one day I will tell you more about this game. (Appropriately called Funny Animals.) My kids don’t read my blog and they will never know.

Stopped by the school to decorate my classroom, only to discover that there was a leak in the ‘storage’ classroom and everything had been moved from that classroom to mine. Murphy’s law, I tell ya.

Hung out at two bookstores and didn’t get what I went there for. I did walk out of the one with a teacher’s discount card though. Cool beans.

Wished I could go with my son and my friends to a waterpark. Did I say that already?

Stayed up insanely late to write this little bit of trivia.

Right now, I am going to clean the cat litter in my room. After that, my nose and I will be able to go to sleep.


5 responses to “Random thoughts at 1:40 am

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jenna!!! We love and miss you!! The E. Family

  2. I just stumbled across your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey. Our sweet little boy unexpectedly passed away in February.

  3. Still hanging around…..I tell ya as you well know, its an ache that never goes away. Sometimes I find myself crying more now that a year ago. Oh, how we miss them……


  4. on your post above I noticed a mom named angie and her little boy mark, I would like to contact her but she has one of those commenter things I can not comment on, so you have her e-mail? just curious…..it hurts when you find others that know this stinkin pain!!!

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