What I might be doing if I had the time…

I might write my book. 🙂

I might go visit my Sarah friend and take her to go and sit at Jenna’s grave for a while. (It’s been too long.)

I might take some piano lessons.

I might take some friends bra shopping. I read this website and now I am mildly obsessed about helping all the sad women in the world who do not wear the right size bra. 🙂 I am tickled pink because I discovered a local department store that actually sells the imported British bras that come in my size (which isn’t manufactured in the US). I had previously only been able to obtain them at a fair price through UK Ebay.

I might tackle the scary place that is my boys’ bedroom, and throw away tons of useless, broken, unplayed with toys.

I might revamp our sunroom. (It is scarier than the boys’ room.)

I might adopt a little Haitian orphan girl. There are still so many little girly things in this house.

I DID manage to find time to do this over the Christmas break:

A custom made lampshade for my Mother in Law, featuring pictures of her 6 grandkids.

The base is slightly broken so the lampshade doesn’t sit straight. I only used it for the purpose of taking the picture.

I also got into a knitting craze and knit several scarves for friends. I am also teaching my bible girls to teach at school. It is turning out to be a wonderful, special bonding time for all of us. (I have even had some 8th grade boys begging me to teach them to knit.) Who knew that teaching a bunch of teens to knit could lead to so much fellowship and fun?

A scarf I knit with sundry left over balls of yarn:

The strips of green fun fur remind me of a fuzzy worm. 🙂

Of course if money wasn’t an option, my current mood would take me to South Africa for a visit to all my peeps there. I would sneak in a performance of the Soweto Gospel Choir and grab me some real African harmonies while I was there. My African people can sing!

What would you do if money and time wasn’t a consideration?


6 responses to “What I might be doing if I had the time…

  1. i think you should write your book, i bet it would be fantastic. or adopt somebody, that would be even better. I mean how much good would you do to that person?? Hopefully if your a good parent, alot! Time is a weird thing, ever passing, ever moving. When your on your death bed, are you going to remember your blog and all the time you spent updating it and stuff? OR are you going to remember that little girl that you adopted and how you raised such a beautiful young woman up, and how you basically saved her life. So that being said, GO FOR IT! adopt someone and change a life. for the good 🙂

  2. Sumi,You don’t know me, but I have been checking in on your blog for quite sometime. I don’t even remember how I found out about it now. But I want you to know you are remembered and your precious little Jenna is remembered. You have been one of those real life survivor stories that have strengthened my faith. I watch to see how people can live through what I perceive to be some of the most horrible things that could happen. And your open honest heart has been a blessing to me. I have seen God’s faithfulness to and through you even in your pain. May God bless you for sharing. By the way, I too think if God has put it on your family’s heart to adopt a child from Haiti or elsewhere that would be wonderful!

  3. I definitely think you should write, whether a book or blogging, I have found it a way to connect and an outlet that really helps me deal with everything. You have a gift with words and I think it could help others going through the tough stuff. =)

  4. Hi, I’m the author of that site, and I’m happy that the obsession is spreading !

    If time and money wasn’t a consideration I’d travel a lot, and spend months in every country

  5. no time or money restrictions? That’s easy, I would be a traveling photojournalist. I was thinking about how much I love photography and how I would love to just take photos all day every day in any country. Then I could write MY book, or maybe two of them.

  6. I would adopt a child with special needs.

    I LOVE that lampshade. Wow, are you talented or what?

    Just looking at Jenna’s picture…man oh man she is SO precious!

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