Spotted with pride.

The youngest boy related a conversation to me this morning that transpired between himself and his thirteen year old brother. It made me smile.

The thirteen year old has been in awe of a zit on his nose that popped up some time this week. The youngest, naturally, has been teasing him about it mercilessly.

“You’re just jealous” replied his older brother.

“Uhhh…why would I be jealous of a zit?”  Came the incredulous reply.

“Because it means I am becoming a man”, insisted the young boy man smugly.



5 responses to “Spotted with pride.

  1. That is a great response!!

  2. come on – anything – a blurp. I know you’re on summer break. so give us something. PLEEEEEZE.

  3. Hey!

    I’m always checking in to see how you are doing. Haven’t heard from you in awhile. Of course you don’t have to update us, but just wanted to let you know I’m continuing to pray for you!


    Cynthia Y.

  4. Okay, you’re officially FIRED from your blog!!

  5. LOL! I agree! LOL!

    I check every now and then and haven’t heard anything. I hope things are going well with you.


    Cynthia Y.l

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